The 10,000 mile journey begins with a single step.

Today I purchased a 2004 Kawasaki KLR 650 with 4188 miles. I told myself I wouldn’t rush into selecting my steed, but I’ve been looking at KLR’s for six months & was lucky enough to be the first one to contact the seller on CL. The price was unbeatable, I didn’t haggle at all, & sat on a motorcycle for the 3rd time in my life before taking it down Highway 2 at 60mph.

(Technically it was my 4th time sitting on a bike, the first time I was 8 & was only on it a moment before dumping the clutch & finding myself looking up at the sky..)

This blog is about two things.. Street performing across the country, and using a motorcycle to do so.

I turn 24 in three weeks. I’m back in Washington state for the summer before returning to New Orleans to continue my career as a street performer. I moved there in January 2012 to learn the ropes on the street. Most of the time I’m a magician, but the harmonica has half of my heart. I’ve focused primarily on magic thus far, & now have a tool that I can use to acquire cash, & meet tons of people while doing so. In September I plan on taking this KLR back to New Orleans, busking all the way there, and documenting my adventures here.

There’s a magician I met in New Orleans named Jimmy Talksalot. He taught me a ridiculous amount of valuable information regarding street performing, partially in person, & primarily through his blog. I hope to help others the way he’s helped me, by sharing my experiences as a semi-nomadic street magician.

As a magician, you’re kind”ve on an island. It’s tough to openly talk about your craft, your imagination bleeds into the perceptions of others, & (in modern America) lots of people are out to dispel/disprove this ancient art. I felt a lot less crazy after moving to New Orleans and engaging in conversations with other magi, and I hope this blog eventually provides some relief to future performers.

Magic, Music, & Movement. The main piece to my puzzle has manifested today, and I could not be happier.

More to come.. Heading into Seattle now to attend the Capitol Hill Block Party.

“Keep rubber side down.”