Go Towards the Suffering

Go Towards the Suffering

I’m back to working the market regularly. . . And it didn’t take me long to realize I had been spoiled with the $250 Sundays I had experienced throughout June.. The Market coordinators have started cracking down hard on any acts that remotely resemble a circle show, becoming overcautious of preserving traffic flow. The street is closed on Sundays to create a pedestrian mall, and though there have been no complaints, they’ve quarantined all the medium-to-large size acts to a single corner spot. It is a great pitch in the middle of the street, but you’re not going to get any more than two hour-long shifts in on a Sunday. This, in combination with me working the slower days, has led me to adapt and begin working with a table.

I started as a close-up magician, and I have been pleased to have regained some of the intimacy that accompanies smaller shows. Now I can directly witness the reactions of my spectators, and without the big crowds, I have more freedom to take risks with new material. That being said, the hats are a fraction of what I would be earning if I had stuck with my half-circle shows, but there’s a lot less pressure. Half the time I can just stand around, props on table, and wait for someone to come up to me. The last two days I’ve also been working with the neck-rack harmonica, improving my no-hands music game and keeping myself entertained between shows. I’ve always envisioned my act being a music-magic synthesis act, mouth percussion laced with harmonica melodies that narrate the physical imagery of illusion. With the smaller crowds, it’s easier for them to hear what’s happening, and I’m beginning to feel my way around matching movement with sound. The days have been long, the pay has been humble, but growing pains rarely feel good.

I’ve been experimenting with what works well in the smaller settings, and it’ll be really good for me to be capable of working the whole range, sidewalk all the way to big circle shows. Today (Friday) I’m lined up for the 12:00 spot on the biggest pitch in the market, right next to the fish throwers under the legendary Pike Place Market sign. I’ve spent the last two days doing the small table act (which I’ll be warming up with today on the waterfront), so I’m really looking forward to doing a few larger shows in peak-traffic hours on a Friday. I’ll post something after the shows and let you know how it went.

As for the motorcycle, I completed the $0.22 cent mod. It was an interesting experience removing a critical part of the bike, trusting myself to do a good job removing and reinstalling the carburetor without making a mistake that could leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere. I was hesitant about drilling a hole through a piece of my machine, but I took my time, and the bike now performs better. The fuel/air mixture is definitely richer, giving the bike a little more oomph. It’s spent most of the last few days parked up on Queen Anne, so as to avoid parking troubles. I paid tuition for my “Careful where you park” lesson ($150!), and will be doing my best not to make that mistake again. Right now I’m focusing on working, because I need to order some more parts I currently can’t afford. Looking at about 3 more weeks before leaving, time to start selling the rest of my crap and experimenting with loading my home onto my steed.

I’m very excited to embark on this adventure. For now, I’m off to the waterfront to make memories (it’s cruise ship day!).

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P.S. Here’s some pics of the KLR


The machine ain’t so scary once ya take the skin off it.