Six Days to Liftoff


Grrrrreetings. It’s been a minute. I started writing a post about street performing and faith few weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy preparing for the trip of a lifetime that I haven’t gotten around to putting up something new. I’ll post that one next. In the meantime, speaking of new, here’s a shot of the bike with the side cases I mounted a week ago.

They’re Pelican 1520’s. In retrospect I ought to have used 1550’s, the same size as the top case, but I was in a rush to get them and will have to make due. Since the last post I’ve also gotten a tank bag, and done a few more modifications. The front fender has been shimmed, it’s now slimmer, making for less shaking at high speeds. Speeds which I reach easier since replacing the 15 tooth front sprocket with a 16 tooth, dropping my 65mph RPM’s by a thousand or more. Still waiting to see what the MPG increase is. The largest mod I’ve done so far is replacing the balancer chain adjuster lever (aka Doohickey). It’s a precautionary mod, as they’re really prone to failure, and a costly one at that. This required popping open the crankcase, revealing a hectic network of gears and chains. I made it through alive though, and the bike hasn’t exploded yet, so I’m assuming I did alright. I do plan on running the bike by the dealership before I leave, just in case there’s something I’m missing. I’d rather find out now than on the road, and what with being a newbie, there’s something obvious I could be missing.


In regards to street performing, this last Sunday things finally picked back up. I made about $150 in three hours, an improvement seeing as how I made only a little more than that during all three days of Bumbershoot, after costs of tickets and food/drinks (agh the drinks).

It was such a commercial festival. A lot of the headliners were electronic acts, and about 60% of the audience was between the ages of 14-18. This made for massive crowds, great shows, and hats that were pretty disappointing. Needless to say, the young’ns weren’t tipping much. I can hear my magic mentors voice, “It’s ok, I don’t expect them to be able to keep their attention on me, I’m not a cell phone”. I did, however, receive a much higher number of $5s than I usually do. Thanks Moms & Dads. Overall it was a good time, I basically got to go to a festival I’ve never been to for free, had fun, made some cash, and didn’t strain myself too hard. I won’t be returning next year though. Thinking back, I shoulda brought a camera and used it for promo, because some of the crowds really were huge. Win some, learn some.
This Sunday will be my last day at Pike Place, until next summer. I’ll do my best to get some photos. Til then, cheers!