Sandy Rose

Day 4

116 Miles
423 Miles total

My fourth day on the road was one of the best yet. I awoke well slept in the Sunset bay campgrounds. I woke up & fixed myself some pancakes, and got packed up.

I went for a short jog around the trails, and eventually ended up at the beach. The campgrounds were located in a small cove, and I took the rocks as far along the right side of it as possible, and perched myself on a nice big outcropping out in the water below the cliffs. The Oregon coast is truly spectacular, and I hadn’t spent much time taking it in while sitting still. I meditated on the ocean for a while, gave my thanks, and turned to head back when something bright red caught my eye on the beach. I was expecting a plastic wrapper of some sort, but as I made my way back to shore I discovered it was a long stemmed rose. It looked less than a day old, its aroma uniquely mixed with the smell of seawater. I recalled the camp attendant mentioning something about a nearby botanical garden, which is where it must have originated. I took it as a good omen, and brought it back with me


On the way out i decided to take a look at the garden, which ended up having a comprehensive display boasting the last two decades of wining strains from something called the All-American Rose competition, in addition to other gardens. I stopped and smelled every type, because that’s what this trip is about.

I left Sunset Bay stoned on roses, and set about down the coast.

I stopped and finished editing and posting my first video, which ended up taking a lot longer than I hoped. I learned a lot though, and I look forward to providing a more visual sharing experience.

I covered a moderate amount of miles, taking in the ocean all the way to the border of California. I had planned on finding a camp again, and gave myself a bit more time to. I followed a random (wonderfully twisty =) road for several miles before discovering an almost empty state park campground far down a gravel path. It was on a creek, and only ten bucks, so I gave in and set up. It was nice having two hours of daylight left to actually camp, and I cleared the GoPro of the last few days of footage.

I’m now in Crescent City, about to go explore the Redwoods for the afternoon.