Yosemite Bound

Cities are a great place to get killed.

I can’t wait to be back in the hills.

Night one in San Fran I locked up my brakes for the first time as a SUV swerved in to me to go around someone turning left. Day two I spent close to a half tank of gas idling in traffic. Nothing like spending a few hours tiptoeing down the street wearing armor with a blasting hot motor betwixt your thighs when it’s 80 degrees out. Iron elephants out to turn two wheel nomads into messy stains. I’m out of here.

Complaints aside, it’s been a nice time in the Bay. I discovered yesterday (Sunday) that the area I’d been busking in is by permit only, but I’d been so flighty that I never even noticed. For this I must once again credit my mentor Jimmy Talksalot, who always advocated having a very portable and very short show. I’d do one or two shows, grab my backpack, pick the rope up off the ground and was gone with the money before anyone was able to respond. As I explore new territories I’m realizing more and more how valuable this facet of my street performance is. I worked for a few hours in the morning before leaving Fisherman’s Wharf to go see what some of the other street performing locations were like. For this effort I was rewarded with an endless amount of traffic, a whole lot of sweat, which was absorbed by the towel I threw in on the day. I looked at Union Square and around the Golden Gate bridge, to no avail. I headed back North over the bridge to the hostel I was staying at, went grocery shopping, and began to focus on the days ahead.

I am going to be in Phoenix by Friday. This gives me four and a half days to trek East through Yosemite and then South to Phoenix. I’m going to aim for some gravel trails through Yosemite, and spend as much time playing there before I have to get on it & hustle to Phoenix. I’ll stay in a campground tonight, as I plan on making it to the area before nightfall. There will be food lockers in the campground, which will be nice because I don’t know if I’ll have time to spend two nights in the park itself, and something tells me I shouldn’t leave food in my side bags for the bears to investigate. Just last night after grocery shopping, I brought an armload of food in the hostel, dropped it off, and returned to find a raccoon sitting on the saddle of my bike.


Anyways, I’ve gotta get a start on the day. I’m excited to get away from the concrete and back to the woods. I’ll report back in a few days.