Mobbin’ in Moab

One of my favorite parts about making plans is changing them.


Today I find myself a few hundred miles North of where I planned on being. I’m in Moab, Utah, where the allure of the Kokopelli trail has distracted me from my Southeastern route. Ever since using the bike to climb over giant salt rocks in Sedona, I’ve become much more appreciative of the dual-sport nature my machine. I’ve wanted to avoid beating it up off-road so as to prevent something falling off while I’m on the freeway, but I chose the KLR for a reason. In Sedona I was gifted views that are off-limits to the masses. I had to work for it though, my arms and legs sore from the strain the next day. The skid plate protecting the engine did its job, sliding me over rocks too tall for the bikes 9″-something clearance. I never rode dirt bikes as a kid, and It was a hell of a lot of fun navigating through pretty gnarly terrain on top of those red cliffs. The bike ate it all up, not once giving me a bit of trouble, even though it’s geared more towards highway travel. I am learning to love the “adventure” side of Adventure Touring.Image

This is a dangerously slippery slope. Until I know the machine by heart and have an armory of spare parts, I ought to avoid getting too wild in the wild by myself. Leaving Tucson I had been contemplating coming up to Moab, but I decided since I’m already traveling cross country my fourth month of owning a motorcycle, I ought to just make it to my destination first. A missed turn put me 15 miles paåst my turnoff, and I decided to come all the rest of the way to check out the Sand Flats recreation park here in Utah. The scenery on the way up was incredible, and the park itself looks like it could be a Martian landscape.


ImageIn Sedona I was able to stash my bags and do the rocks unloaded. On the Kokopelli trail, since I wasn’t sure where I’d end up on the other end, I kept the bike loaded. The terrain wasn’t as intense, but it was still very rewarding, and even with a full load the bike handled great. For me, versatility is a virtue, and I love being able to pull off the highway and onto a trail. From now on though, I’ll be doing less sidetracking and more directional traveling. New Orleans is calling to me, and I yearn to follow the Mississippi river down to the delta. I was originally planning on going around Texas to avoid the lack of scenery, the heat, and, well, Texas. I’ve only driven through it once, but from what I can tell, it’s the kind of place where this country got the “u” that differentiates America from Amurica. Honestly I can’t say that in full truth, since I haven’t immersed myself in it.

And that’s why I’m going through Texas.

I met a guy at the bar last night that helped change my mind. He was from Texas, and he was so peculiar that I have to see the place where he came from. I plan on going through North Texas, avoiding all the major cities.

I’ll keep this post short. I want to thank my family for all their support, on this adventure and throughout the journey called life. You have provided a bedrock. I want to thank my friends and acquaintances for being the streams and rivers responsible for sculpting the landscape of my character. Our relationships may change, but that can’t and won’t change the fact that you’ve changed me. I am so grateful for everyone in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read these posts. This is my first blog, and it has been received so well that a feedback loop has been created. Knowing others are taking this trip with me has provided the encouragement that has me writing when I may not feel like stopping and taking the time to. I want to thank all of those support the arts, street performance or other. Art is the mirror holding our species reflection, and I sincerely appreciate those that take the time to not just look, but to really see. I want to thank every individual that has ever engaged in a spontaneous co-creation, with or without me. Every decision is a creative act, irreversibly shaping the Universe around you. Imagination is the only limit.


We are a nation of Magi’s.

I’d also like to thank Best Western for sponsoring my breakfasts in just about every town I’ve stopped in this week =)

N’awlins, I’m coming!

Peace, Love, & Happiness,