See to Know, Know to See

Just like that, I’m on the road again.

I left New Orleans late yesterday afternoon, after a few days of delayed departure. I still wasn’t ready when I left, but adaption is the trap in which the artist greets the forests =)

I’ll type some stuff up later on tonight once I make camp somewhere on ze beach. It’s a trip being on my own again. I had only been in Seattle a few months before I hit the road for New Orleans, so it was a pretty natural transition. But after spending a solid 6 months developing and nurturing relationships in New Orleans, I felt like I left more there than I did when I left the region I was raised in.

I’m excited and a little nervous. I left Seattle last fall with a decent chunk of change, and a credit card. This time i”m doing the trip entirely inclusively. I said good bye to New Orleans with a few hundred bucks in my pocket and a small emergency fund, I must sustain myself financially by performing, because right now I most certainly do not have enough resources on me to make it halfway back to Seattle. This is an intimidating idea to many, and though it does make me a little nervous, any anxiety is outweighed by my faith in my abilities. I’m traveling to see firsthand what the pitches are like in this part of the country. I’m choosing my destinations based on what I’ve heard from other performers and the little information I’ve located online.

Sometimes your only mode of transportation is a leap of faith. So, here we go. Wish me luck =)

Just like my departure from the Pacific Northwest, I was fortunate enough to spend my first night on the road indoors staying with generously hospitable friends, this time in Niceville, FL. People seem to be quite willing to offer help to a traveling performer, probably because it’s such a strange and unique lifestyle. If you happen to know anyone with a couch in Florida (or anywhere else on the rough-draft map from a few posts ago) please don’t hesitate to email me or FB me. I’d happily entertain a dinner party for a meal and a shower =)

Anyways, I’m hoping to make it to Clearwater, FL tomorrow afternoon, which means I’ve gotta take a decent sized bite out of those 500 miles today. Time to get back on the road, have a beautiful weekend y’all =)