The Illusion of an Audience

About a month ago I received my first online donation. It was a $100 from someone I don’t think I’ve ever met. It came with a message stating “Niko, you bring a lot of people joy. Keep it up.” Although the cash was a wonderful gift, what it did in terms of my perspective on this project was far more valuable.
Now I may have met this person and just don’t recognize their name, but it’s likely that this generosity was spurred by an appreciation for the blog, for this digital representation of my story. I was very moved by this person’s action, and it inspired me to put more of myself into the computer, a space I’ve adamantly avoided over the last few years (still sore about the all-nighters in college).
The plan for this summer had been to develop a sufficient online representation of myself, a respectable antennae I could use to transmit my experiences to the world. Though the website itself still has a long, long way to go, I finally have a video representation that I’m happy with and over fifty blog posts detailing my learning experiences. Over the course of about 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve taken a break from riding hard and started diving into my hard drive, learning how to navigate the path of video editing. It has been a fantastic learning experience, and a serious test of my patience.
Now the focus is to develop an audience. When the blog began and people first started expressing their appreciation, it inspired me to work harder and take the project more seriously. I seek to amplify this effect, utilizing the social sphere as an incentive to keep myself dedicated to sharing the experiences of this unusual lifestyle.
Since I’ve been editing more I’ve been writing less, but the gears are shifting and I’ll be coming back to the linguistic narrative for a little while. For now though, the video editing has my eyeballs sore and my head feeling fuzzy, so I’m gonna go jump on the bike and fill my field of vision with fields of grass. I’m off to the Olympic Peninsula for the weekend to enjoy the only temperate rainforest on this continent.

Have a beautiful day =)