See What I Know ’13


For almost three years, six months is the longest I’ve been in one place. I’m always either just getting into town, just passing through town, or preparing to leave town. A traveler in training, I’m learning the tips and tricks of living (and making a living) on the road.


I had no idea I’d end up here in these boots. I moved to New Orleans to just give street performing an honest shot. I bought the motorcycle on impulse.

I didn’t really expect it to turn into this, into a lifestyle of adventure, growth, discomfort, excitement, connection. It’s turned into something I never would’ve imagined.

SEA2NO13 Departure

Yesterday we snapped the farewell photo, I hugged my beautiful parents good bye, and I left the NW two hours behind schedule. Within the first few hours I’d been approached by four or five strangers intrigued by the spectacle of a loaded touring bike. We’d discuss my trip and the M.o.a.M. project, and they’d bid me luck, some thinking I’m crazy, some wishing they could come along. Good energy from good people.


Freeway all day, almost a crime to pass all that good countryside so fast. Gotta make it to Cambria, CA by Thursday though, for the Horizons Unlimited meet up. It’s a group of overland travel enthusiasts, people that have or plan to travel the world on motorcycles. I can’t think of a better event for my first motorcycle meeting.

I started looking for a campsite too late in the day. I hid the bike in a very small copse of trees just south of Eugene, where I strung up my hammock for a short sleep. The clearance-rack sleeping bag I picked up for the SEA2NO tour last year did not stand up to the cold, so I slept in my riding gear. Someday I would love to be a year-round traveler, but it takes the right tools (and proper scheduling of the seasons).


I woke up in some of the thickest fog I’d ever seen. Packed up camp, rode blindly to a nearby coffee shop where I’ve been waiting for the fog to burn off. It’s almost there, and I’m about to get back on the road. Another 120 miles and I’ll be able to get off the freeway and head through the Redwoods to the coast.
Stay tuned =)