You’re up Europe


        Out of the car I step with arms stretched to take dozen deep breaths of the Pacific Northwest. After the thick and heavy air in the streets of New Orleans, the crisp forests of my home-state have been a breath of fresh air. When it’s not grey, the greens and blues up here are some of the best on the planet. It ain’t about where you’re from, it’s about where you’re at, and I consider myself blessed to have the two coincide in a place this pretty. Though I’m a rambling man, my roots are in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve left a lot of blood with the mosquitoes in these woods.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.20.32 PM

        I flew back to Seattle the first week of May, and though slightly remorseful for once again leaving my steed in the swamps (sorry Zoe), it will be good to spend some time back West saving up for my upcoming summer tour of Europe. I’m far from ready, but I’ve got money set aside for a return ticket, a few hundred bucks, and the rest is up to the trust fund of faith in my skills as a professional street entertainer. Worse case scenario? I make it a month before getting so broke and stranded I have to fly home. Best case scenario? I make it a full three months seeing all sorts of sights while learning volumes about honing my craft while traveling, and maybe even come home with some money in my pocket. Depending on how things go, I am keeping myself open to the idea of purchasing a cheap set of wheels over there to ride around before selling it. Hey, if it’s imaginable, it’s manageable. But for now, I will consider operating under the pseudonym “Magician with a Backpack”.

        True to my nature, a week before I flying out I finally acquired the backpack I’ll live out of for the next three months. I’m packing as light as I can, certain I’ll find what I need as I go along. If there’s one thing travel has taught me, it’s flexibility. Staying light will keep my options open to whatever adventures present themselves. This is the biggest one-way ticket I’ve ever bought, and though I think I have an idea, I really don’t know where I’ll end up going. But I am going, and magic is gonna take me.



        The themes of the Eurotrip are performance education and improvised adventure. The main objective is to see as much performance art as possible, and I am approaching it similar to how I have approached each of the SEA2NO tours — a few key destinations (festivals) in mind, a rough outline of the route, packed light and always have an attitude of adaption. Like each of the tours so far, I save up enough money to make it a third or a half way through the trip, and then rely on my skills as a street performer to supply the rest of the adventure. Sound scary? It is, but pressure makes diamonds, and after eight months of comfortable nesting in NOLA (the longest I’ve stayed anywhere since 2011), I’m ready to trust my gut and my feet again.




        This weekend is my last opportunity to save up before launching into the unknown. It is equally exciting and terrifying working a new place, and my show is sure to be changed and chiseled by the varying crowds and conditions. The performers I’ve spoken to has said you come out the other side of Europe stronger, and though growth is rarely comfortable, I look forward to expanding my comfort zones through new and exciting experiences.

        I’ve collected three years of GoPro footage documenting the process of becoming a traveling entertainer. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about filming and editing, and I now have at my disposal a drone and nearly every product GoPro has ever made. “Magician on a Motorcycle” will remain as my magic and travel-writing platform, but I am excited to begin releasing media as “Adventure Entertainment Productions”. Down the line I intend to evolve AEP into a talent agency featuring variety performers — musicians, magicians, dancers, DJ’s, all of it — and produce videos of their arts and adventures. The lifestyles of traveling entertainers can be just as interesting as the entertainment they provide, and everyone loves a good story. Through Adventure Entertainment I will help provide quality entertainment complete with glimpses behind the circus curtains.

        Once I’m on the road again the loose-footing will keep me updating the blog more frequently. I’m overdue for an adventure, and I can hardly wait to share it with you. Thanks for reading.