M.O.A.M. is based on two ideas: Entertaining people around the world, and using a motorcycle to get there.

     I began this project the day I bought my first motorcycle, roughly six months into my career as a professional street entertainer. It is about the lessons I learn while immersing myself in these two fascinating worlds.

A few hundred miles into my first trip across the U.S., I decided to film what it’s like to dive headfirst and full-speed into the lifestyle of a traveling performer. A short documentary style DVD is in the works.

Feel free to poke around. This site primarily serves as a journal/blog, but as I learn more about web design I’ll add more content. Stay tuned by liking on Facebook and signing up for the mailing list


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11/9/2013: SEA2NO 2013 tour complete. Three trips across the U.S. and 23,000 miles logged in my first 17 months riding a motorcycle.

11/26/2013: I’m starting to add more content to the website, check back soon!

1/24/14: Exactly two years since taking the leap of faith into performing professionally full-time

2/28/14: 10,000+ blog views




Photo from SeattleTimes.com